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Williamson County

Covid-19 Statistics
Cases in 28 Days 2,244
Deaths in 28 Days 30
Total cases 78,424
  Confirmed cases  66,919
 Additional Probable cases 11,505
Total Deaths 729
Hospital beds available* 720
% hospital beds avail. 18%
ICU beds available 55
% ICU beds avail. 10%
GA-32 Total TSA % 2.56
Phase Red
  • Green - Minimal Spread
  • Yellow - Moderate Spread
  • Orange - High Spread
  • Red - Uncontrolled Spread

Updated November 24

  • WCCHD strongly encourages vaccination, social and physical distancing, wearing a mask, and washing your hands.

*Available Hospital beds, ICU beds and ventilators includes all units in Williamson County.


Cases by City

City C Δ
Georgetown 14,151 +73
Round Rock 18,016 +96
Hutto 5,204 +30
Cedar Park 4,983 +28
Leander 6,152 +24
Austin (in wilco) 6,387 +31
Other towns 9,610 +17
Confirmed Cases by Age
Age C Δ
Under 5 1,744 +7
5 to 10 5,275 +28
11 to 13 3,366 +19
14 to 17 4,298 +23
18 to 30 14,184 +31
31 to 40 11,668 +48
41 to 50 10,517 +31
51 to 60 7,586 +33
61 to 70 4,384 +20
71 to 80 2,401 +14
81 and over 1,496 +3

  C=Confirmed Cases

Deaths by Age Group
Age Total Δ
18-50 77 +2
51-60 104 +1
61-70 126 +1
71-80 172 +1
81+ 250 --

Outside Wilco

Location Cases Deaths
Bell 39,510 735
Travis 122,029 1,184
Texas 4,316,239 73,518
U.S. 47,984,647 773,864






Samsung selects Taylor

Cars stream through historic downtown Taylor.

Cars make their way along Main Street in downtown Taylor on November 21. Samsung’s presence is expected to be a monumental boost for the city’s economy. Andy Sharp


Taylor nabs largest foreign investment in Texas history


Four men stand together.

Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell, Taylor ISD Superintendent Devin Padavil, City Manager Brian LaBorde, and Mayor Brant Rydell stand outside Samsung’s Austin facility. Photo courtesy of Bill Gravell



Residents in Taylor enjoyed a grateful Thanksgiving, as the small town in eastern Williamson County received official word Tuesday that Samsung will build its new microchip factory there.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the news at a press conference in Austin Tuesday evening. Mr. Abbott said the historic agreement between Taylor and Samsung would not only impact the state of Texas, but would have ramifications felt across the entire world.

“After a thorough and comprehensive search, Samsung has chosen Taylor, Texas, as the site of its new state of the art semiconductor chip fabrication plant,” he said. “This plant will produce the semiconductor chips that will power the technology that we use every single day.”

The facility will create more than 2,000 jobs, and will have an initial capital investment of $17 billion. This is the largest foreign direct investment in the State of Texas ever, Mr. Abbott said. 

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Wag Heaven



A graph shows Covid-19 rates since the start of the pandemic.

A graph shows Covid-19 rates since the start of the pandemic. 



Covid infections could increase as cold weather hits


Virus transmission stagnated the week before Thanksgiving



Public health experts expect an increase in Covid infections as the weather turns colder and many Texans gather indoors for traditional holiday celebrations. 

Booster vaccine doses could help reduce transmission by helping to prevent breakthrough infections among people already vaccinated, officials have said.

New infections trended upward last year from around Thanksgiving until around Martin Luther King  Jr. Day in January 2021. 

Vaccinations, boosters, masks, handwashing and social distancing could all help to prevent that trend from recurring this year.


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Traffic signals going to city

Georgetown passing the 50,000 mark in the recent census will prompt the Texas Department of Transportation to hand over operation and maintenance of 39 traffic signals in the Georgetown area to the city.

The transfer process will take 6 - 8 months, and the city attorney’s office is drafting the relevant agreements. The city at present maintains 28 signals.

City officials intend to work with TxDOT to bring the signals into compliance with present regulations before they accept these.

An additional construction effort, at a cost of $10,000 per traffic signal, will add battery back up to all 67 signals. In the event of a power outage, the signals would flash red while the batteries last, rather than going dark.

Stormwater permit 

A stormwater permit for Alta Loma on Shell Stone Trail stirred debate on the Georgetown Planning and Zoning Commission November 16  over an ephemeral stream. 

Commissioners debated whether or not the stream constituted waters of the U. S., requiring approvals from the Corps of Engineers. Ultimately P&Z agreed with the project engineer Jen Henderson, of Henderson Professional Engineers in Georgetown, that the stream did not require the CoE approvals, and passed the requested permit.





Central Texas Philharmonic


Tickets are available at


Season schedule

December 12 - Holiday Program featuring works from Tchaikovsky’s, The Nutcracker, and other holiday classics. Dancers from Capital City Ballet will also preform. 

April 3, 2022 - Performance of Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus in collaboration with the Penfold Theatre Company.

May 1, 2022 - Performance of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. The first half of the program will contextualize the symphony with excerpts from earlier Beethoven works and the music of his contemporaries.