October 26, 2022

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Trailers lay on their sides Tuesday morning near Interstate 35 south of Jarrell after Monday evening’s storm. Katherine Anthony photo



Tornado causes property damage, overturns trailers near Jarrell

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The Emergency Services District 5 Fire Station suffered damage to windows and doors.


A tornado touched down in the north part of the county Monday evening as a cold front passed through the region, bringing high winds, rain and lightning. 

As of Tuesday morning, no loss of life had been reported, but damage was recorded in Jarrell. The Emergency Services District  5 Fire Station was hit and suffered damage to windows, doors and the area that houses the station’s medic, though the medic was not in the station that night. According to County Judge Bill Gravell, the station’s living quarters are still habitable. 

The tornado traveled east across Interstate 35, overturning a few 18-wheelers and trailers. The highway was closed for a little over two hours during and after the storm to clear the debris. One trapped victim was reported, but was recovered and is “doing well,” Mr. Gravell said Tuesday morning. 

Additionally, a radio tower in Thrall was out following the storm, but was brought back online the following morning. 

Mr. Gravell said that the county will take an aerial look at the area to assess the full extent of property damage. 

“If necessary, I will sign an emergency declaration to make sure residents receive the assistance they need,” Mr. Gravell said. 

There are many downed power lines in the Jarrell area which may take some time to repair. Jarrell ISD delayed the start to school Tuesday morning to assess damage and restore power to some campuses. 

In the meantime, Mr. Gravell cautioned residents to steer clear of downed power lines. 

“It’s not your responsibility to touch them or look at them,” he said. “It is your responsibility to walk away and call [a professional].” 

More damage reports are expected in the coming week. 

Bill Zito, the newly-appointed county liaison officer with the Texas Division of Emergency Management, was put right to work after taking his position last week. 

“This is a reminder of weather in Texas and how difficult it can be,” said Mr. Gravell.