October 30, 2022

G’town seeks resident feedback on transportation network


The City of Georgetown has asked residents for feedback on potential projects and needs for the city’s transportation network.

 Feedback will be considered as the city pursues updates to its Future Mobility Plan. Comments can be submitted via an online form available on the city’s website through December 1.  

“Public engagement is going to be really critical for us and it’s going to be something we put a lot of effort in to make sure that we get [feedback] from not only our stakeholders, but from our constituents that use our roadway networks everyday, as well as our trails and our sidewalks,” Mayra Cantu, the city’s strategic support manager, said during a Tuesday council workshop. 

According to Ms. Cantu, the Future Mobility Plan is a document the city uses to prioritize future mobility projects, inform the Capital Improvement Plan and assist in preserving right-of-way space for future transportation needs. The plan is also used when the city applies for local, state and federal transportation funding. 

The Future Mobility Plan was previously called the Overall Transportation Plan. 

“As you know, the city is experiencing tremendous growth, and [the purpose of this update is] looking at how we as the city can be mindful and intentional as we move forward to make sure the roadways we have are ready for that growth, and also to look at the future land use and utilizing it,” Ms. Cantu said. “We do have some changes in density that we’re seeing, so we’re making sure our roadways, from a capacity standpoint, are ready for that as well.”

Plan updates are conducted by city staff members including Ms. Cantu, Planning Director Sofia Nelson and Engineering Director Wesley Wright, as well as an interdepartmental working group. The city is also using a consulting team of third-party professionals from Kimley-Horn, a national planning and design consulting firm. 

The city began updating the plan in August. Steps include data collection, identifying ongoing and planned development locations, inputting traffic counts and evaluating roadways considered to be bottlenecks and city cross sections to determine how to best modernize construction standards and quality, Ms. Cantu said. The process could last through November of next year. 

The city is asking for public comments regarding gaps within the Georgetown transportation network. This applies to sidewalks, bicycle facilities, roadways, safety issues and other similar elements. Residents can also provide information on their primary transportation methods. 

Feedback forms can be filled out online at https://engagekh.com/gtx_fmp. People can also make comments in person during a community open house scheduled for 4-7 p.m., November 10, in the Friends Room of the Georgetown Public Library, 402 West Eighth Street. 

The city will provide additional public input opportunities in the coming months.